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and Minutes of January 29, 2009 Board of Directors & Members’ Meeting

NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM: AT THE OFFICES OF CHC & PRESIDIO HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, Bldg. T-3, Funston Street (Cross Street Lincoln Blvd.) PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO. The building is located on Funston Street, directly across the Street from the YMCA. Street parking available, however, there is a new “permit” system and you must pay for parking until 6:00 PM. Free parking is available at the Officers’ Club parking lot nearby with a short walk to Funston & Lincoln. Guests and prospective new members are welcome. Please bring refreshments for our reception following the meeting.

President’s Message - Bill Applegate:

The Grass Valley trip so meticulously planned by John Hodges for April 24-26 promises to be the event of the decade for the CHC. The CHC membership response has been overwhelming…and by now it is nearly sold out. The more I learn about Grass Valley, the more I look forward this exciting adventure. As John so aptly puts it…it allows a glimpse into our proud California heritage, especially the Gold Country heritage which is so closely tied to CHC’s inception fifty years ago this year. And with gold making such a strong comeback today, that heritage once again becomes even more relevant and current. At $1000 an ounce one might think a side trip for some recreational gold panning might pay for the weekend….something to hope for? While nuggets up to 3 ounces have been found panning....the odds aren't that great.. back in the area's mines’ operational days it took one short ton of ore to produce just .43 ounces of gold! The real fun part of course will be the great and wonderful company we will all be in as we share a truly Californian experience that transcends time and space. Thank you again John!

Chair of the Board Remarks - John Hodges:

The Grass Valley field trip scheduled for April 24-26 has 33 folks signed up and 25 of those are prepaid. With that wonderful participation we are firming up all our planned events including two lunches and our celebration dinner on Saturday night at the Owl Grill and Saloon (circa 1883).

Many of you are staying at the Holbrooke Hotel (circa 1862) and for those folks and our other readers who are not going on this trip you will find attached a brief sketch of this California State Landmark.

As we will be spending most of our time in Grass Valley, I am also including a two page write up on this great little town which once rivaled San Francisco in population and money in 1862.

Lastly find attached an overview of the North Star Historic Conservancy. We will be visiting the North Star House (circa 1905). It is one of the earliest designs of Julia Morgan who is considered by many to be the foremost female architect of the 20th century. The Conservancy has been submitted as a candidate for 2009 recognition by CHC.

This trip will be fun and it is important for CHC to refresh our thinking about the many eras and styles as this trip will provide a glimpse into our proud heritage.. We will learn about Grass Valley's role in the Gold Rush, the history of hard rock mining and the story of the development of the Sierra Nevada foothills from dusty tent cities to the great towns they are today.

Look forward to seeing you all this Thursday.

Minutes of the January 29, 2009 Board of Directors and Members’ Meeting. The meeting came to order at 4:00 PM at the San Francisco home of Board Members Ted and Dorothy Kitt. President Bill Applegate presiding. Directors present: Bill & Conchita Applegate, Marsha Calegari, Janet & Tom Conover, Sharon Gadberry, Winchell Hayward, John Hodges, Allie Huberty, Redmond Kernan, Dorothy Kitt, Herb Konkoff, Christopher Layton, Jules Levaggi, Yusuf Uraiqat, Betty Ann Prien, Dianne Rowe, Claire Skall, Stephen Steczynski, Susan Walima, Gary Widman. Minutes of the 11/08 Board of Directors Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report - Yusuf Uraiqat: The December 10, 2008 Holiday Dinner showed a profit of approximately $460. This was largely due to a very successful silent auction. Bank balances were read and are on record at CHC offices.

Presidio Update - Gary Widman & Redmond Kernan: The public Presidio Trust Meeting on 12/9/08 was cancelled. One “new preferred alternative design” is in the works for the Fisher Museum. The Presidio Historical Association is opposed to the new design. The Trust will present a Supplementary Environmental Impact Report and Section 106 documents regarding the Main Post update in February. After the new documents are issued, there will be a 45-day comment period. Gary suggested that CHC write the President nominating Redmond Kernan to the Trust Board. A motion by Betsy Dohrman to nominate Redmond Kernan to the Trust Board was seconded and unanimously approved. John Hodges volunteered to help draft the letter.

Grass Valley/Nevada City trip April 25-26 - John Hodges: John suggested attendees arrive on Friday evening, April 24th in order to check into their hotels and be prepared to start at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 25th. It is also suggested that hotel reservations be made immediately as there will be a vintage car show in town that weekend. Among other things, on Saturday we will have a tour and luncheon at the Empire Mine State Historic Park. On Saturday evening we will dine at the historic Owl Grill & Saloon (circa 1857). On Sunday, we will tour the Northstar Mine and a tour of heritage homes, including a Julia Morgan home Please advise Dianne Rowe of your hotel accommodations and when you will arrive. If you need hotel suggestions, call Dianne at (415) 699-0780 as she has a complete list of hotels, and what they charge, in Grass Valley.

Awards Nominations - Christopher Layton: The following awards have been suggested thus far: (1) Cavallo Point/Fort Baker, Sausalito, which was visited during the July, 2008 CHC meeting; (2) Engine Co. No. 2, 460 Bush Street, San Francisco, visited during the October, 2008 CHC meeting; (3) Culinary Institute of America, Napa, approved in 2007; Julia Morgan home in Grass Valley, nominated by John Hodges and will be visited in April; Woodside Store, nominated by Tony Aguirre. Janet Conover advised that she visited the Warnor’s Theater in Fresno (nominated by Dianne Rowe) and that it should be put over until next year. Reed Robbins nominated the Pasadena City Hall and is in the process of preparing the paper work. Alan Nicholson suggested the Fox Theatre in Oakland. Another suggestion was the Bay Model in Sausalito, although it is circa 1950's. NOTE: THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING AWARD NOMINATIONS IS THE END OF MARCH. THE DEADLINE FOR FINALIZING THE AWARDS TO BE PRESENTED IS THE END OF APRIL.

The Awards dinner is set for June 25th. This will be our 50th Anniversary. We need a committee of volunteers to suggest how we should celebrate and promote our anniversary. A Steering Committee was set up at a previous meeting and they are delegated to work on this project. It was suggested that the annual Holiday Party is a better venue for this celebration as the Awards Dinner has a full agenda. Mention of it, as well as promotion, should be made at both dinners.

Mt. Tamalpais Interpretive Association Project - Arlene Halligan: Arlene has been working for 15 years on the concept of opening a museum at the top of Mt. Tamalpais where the Crookedest Railroad ended its climb up the Mountain to the Mountain Inn. In order to get there, people would take a ferry to Sausalito, board an electric train to Mill Valley and then board the train that took them up the mountain. Along with the museum building, which they hope will open late 2009, there will be interpretive panels and a rail road car replica. Arlene will keep us updated on their progress of opening the museum.

Old Business: Gold Bear - Insurance: Tony Aguirre: Several insurance companies have been approached and research for the best rates is ongoing. Bank Contact - Yusuf Uraiqat: Keith Weisbeck is the Service Manger at the Wells Fargo Branch and is in contact with his legal department to finalize what the bank needs in order to get access to the box.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM and a reception followed. Minutes recorded by Dianne Rowe.

CALENDAR OF FUTURE MEETINGS & EVENTS (Please mark your calendar):

      March 6: 11:00 AM: The Crookedest Railroad in the World by author/historian Fred Runner. The Livermore Pavilion at the Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross (415) 258-9595. $5.00 donation requested. Reception follows.

March 26: CHC Board of Directors and Membership Meeting. Location pending.

April 25-26: CHC Trip to Grass Valley/Nevada City.

May 28: CHC Board of Directors and Membership Meeting. Location pending.

June 25: Annual Awards Dinner.

Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, CA Jefferson Street Mansion
   in Benicia, CA

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